AZ Home Learners Links


AZ Families for Home Education- AFHE -gives you just what you need to get started.

Kingdom Education for Young Scholars has lots of great information for homeschoolers in AZ.


AFHE has a whole exhibit hall full of curriculum providers at their summer Convention is just one of your many curriculum research avenues online. For curriculum options click “homeschool”. They have paper-based curriculums for you check out such as MATH U SEE, INSTITUTE FOR EXCELLENCE, and all the major publishers.

Monarch online curriculum

Freckle online curriculum.

Discovery k12 online curriculum.

Resources for Supplemental work

Splash Math has great flexibility amongst grade levels and objectives. It is a manipulative-based app great for remediation or extension.

Methods of Homeschooling

There are several methods and combinations of philosophies that can work for your family in your home education journey: Charlotte Mason, Classical, Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Online homeschool, Online public school ... Each method has curricular options. Many paper and online curriculum use aspects of more than one method. There is no one correct method as long as it is moving your child forward. Search online for comparisons and definitions of each. Or, we can help you sift through the curriculum and program options to see what would be a good start for your family dynamic.
At Quite Write we use a combination of the best aspects of a variety of methods. We use a Response to Intervention RTI model that involves pinpointing missing links, and then building those foundational brain pathways. We work in a framework of educational therapy tailored to each learner, rather than progressing through a curriculum. With the state standards for an age-range in mind, we can move learners forward in some respects while remediating in others. The goal is to bring students to holistic growth benchmarks while regaining and building their self-esteem and curiosity for learning.