Eye Can Learn

For students who seem to have difficulty “seeing” or processing what they see, here are some great play exercises to do at home. This type of activity in a playful manner can help build visual pathways with the brain.

Multiple Intelligences

You will often hear us say that no two children are alike. Every child is exceptional, unique and capable of learning. We believe the multiple intelligences play a vital role in a child’s ability to learn and to enjoy learning.

AZ Association for Gifted and Talented

If you have a student showing exceptionality in any area of life, we have some supports for you and the unique emotional needs they may be exhibiting. To start you off, the AAGT has some great info and resources

Special Education

Students with IEP’s or home educated students with issues that would entitle them to an IEP if they were in public school, can see their rights guaranteed by law online quite easily. Students with speech and language goals can also be helped greatly by YOU at home or let us know what their goals are for targeted instruction. Here are some tips.