Homeschool with Quite Write?

QW teachers and tutors will partner with you

to provide a blend of parent and teacher learning environments in order to unlock the learning potential in your child. We can help with one subject or multiple. We can assess and help you determine a plan for your setting or ours.

Homeschooling for the purposes of Quite Write Ed. Services is in accordance with


A.R.S. 15-802

 Parents (or legal guardians) must personally be the primary educators of kindergarten-8th grade students.

Attention Online School:  Enrollment in a public virtual academy, is not legally considered homeschooling in accordance with A.R.S. 15-802. It does not require filing the homeschool affidavit.  It is public school at home. It is an option that works great for some families and we can support you in this context also.
Attention ESA students: The 50% rule does not apply to you. Your learner may do a majority or minority of their school time with us. Current clients do the majority of school with us. Then they do an online supplement at home with parents several times per week. Parents should remain engaged with supporting the objectives that we are currently working on. Parents are responsible for providing students with other therapies and exposures not included in our school times.